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Polyester Twist Nets

Polyester twist nets, which has the characteristics of polyester yarn,can be used normally from 50 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius withoutchaging its physical properties. Moreover, its weight is only one-fifth of theweight of wire mesh. So there will be more convenient transport andinstallation and lower construction costs.


Not easy to rust, Anti-aging, Acid. base resistance, Corrosionresistance, Not easy to break, High tensile strength, Not easy deformation,High temperature, Anti-uv radiation, Weather resistance, Smooth surface,Environmental protection, Non-conductive and so on.

Main applications:

. Deep-sea breeding :

it can be applied to mariculture, freshwater aquaculture. It canalso used as underwater fence ( as protective fence for marine parks, lakes,rivers, wetlands, marsh reservoirs). Also, it can be produced into aaquaculture Net cage. This will reduce the comprehensive cost and improve thequality of fish products.

. Polyester twist net for aquaculture industry

. Polyester divider net:

especially suitable for coastal areas for slope support,foundation pit support, mountain rock surface hanging net spray, slope planting (greening), railway expressway isolation fence. Due to then non-conductivecharacteristics, it can be used as fence in the forest, mountain (especiallythe mountains) and the substation, etc. Thus, there will not the risk oflightning in a thunderstorms and strong convective weather.

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